photgraph by ROB Walbers.
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EGGORE -Rockin'PictureBook-

It transcends boundaries to become a new form of entertainment

"So, this is live painting" is what people probably think when they first see it.

Live painting as a genre is still somewhat ambiguous, but EGGORE's approach of unifying sound and painting is unprecedented.

His hands are his palette, his body is his brush. He paints on the large wall he's confronted with for a few minutes. The picture develops, evolves.

 The musicians accompany throughout, at times beautifully serene at times intensely aggressive.

Then there is the narrative. Its akin to watching a movie on stage. Art, music, theater, miss en scene, all exquisitely choreographed. The fusion of these elements is wonderfully simple.

In this increasingly complex modern world of ours suffering from information metabolic syndrome, art and music has suffered.

Undoubtably, as an art form, EGGORE can be categorized as live painting. Yet it is so much more. It transcends boundaries to become a new form of entertainment.

Shiro Nishioka
producer of EGGORE