photgraph by ROB Walbers.
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-INDRIA- 2012.1.29

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Eggore's first performance of 2012 see a recreation of their piece "INDRIA",
which was performed during their first overseas tour in Bali.

Native hardcore, creation and the continual cycle of life - INDRIA

-29.Jauary.2012 (Sun)
open 18:30
close 23:30

- adv/ ¥2300
- door/¥2600


Guest Performancers
- Aya Iida (Dance)


As tickets are limited to only 160, a cancelation fee of 2,300 yen will be charged for any cancelations made within 3 days of the show (Thursday 26th onwards)

If you have booked your ticket, but are unable to attend, please let us
know as soon as possible as to give other customers a chance to see the show.

Thank you for your understanding.